Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale – Best baby scale 2022

The Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale is related to scales to measure the weight of a subject, usually infants or animals. This particular unit comes in an adorable polar bear design and is rather affordable compared to its competitors on the market. What makes it such a popular choice for parents is that it features a number of very convenient features, such as an off switch for turning the music off.

The music serves as something of a distraction or relaxation tool when your baby gets nervous or fidgety. It comes equipped with multi-readings for both lbs and kg, with readings for up to 20kg (44lb). AA batteries power this digital scale too!


As pet parents ourselves, we realize that caring for our beloved companions is no easy job. Fortunately, technology has stepped in to help make some of these jobs a whole lot easier and more efficient! Our Bluetooth-enabled baby scale not only comes with its very own mobile app just as cute as our pets, but also boasts a host of features designed to track your baby or pet’s weight, height, and growth pattern. The best part about carrying this nifty smart device around with you is that it doesn’t require installing any additional plug-ins in order to connect to your phone.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros”  ][i2pros]Displays baby’s precise weight.
Weighs in Ounces, Pounds, and Grams

Easy to Read and Easy to Use

Multi-Language Instructions
An anti-slip pad keeps the baby securely in place.[/i2pros][i2cons]Less width for older kids

You need more time to get used to its navigations and settings.  [/i2cons][/i2pc]


Conveniently record your baby’s measurements with the Baby Fit app, which was designed to work seamlessly with our Baby Scale. Our scale automatically calculates their measurements, and then cross-references them against the WHO Child Growth Standards – letting you know if your child is healthy or not.

In addition to this, we make keeping track of weight gain easy – by putting it all in an app for you! Easily keep track of weekly changes and monitor these changes against important milestones (e.g. a certain monthly amount gained) so that you can see how well your child is growing over time using the Baby Fit app.

 Measurement range

MAKE SURE YOUR BABY IS PROPERLY FED with this high accuracy baby weight scale that feeds your newborn baby, toddler, puppy, or kitten and provides you with clear, stable readings in pounds, ounces or kilogram with the precision of 10 grams and a wide measurement range of 0.1 pounds to 220 pounds. (or 50 g to 100 kg)


The large, bright, backlit LCD screen on this premium, high-quality weighing scale makes it easy to read distinct weight measurements of your baby or pet at a distance – even in the dark.


The 2 child-proof swivel locks on the bottom of the baby tray keep it firmly in place, preventing accidents. When your child grows up and is ready to step into adulthood, remove the tray and use it as a regular scale. Or you might even consider just keeping your kid on the same tray regardless because they are such a great fit for one another and are oh so cute!

Why Choose Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale?

Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale has 4 sensors in it, which accurately measure the weight of your newborn baby. In addition, it measures weights in pounds, kilograms, kilograms, and ounces. The scale will give you an accurate result up to 50 kg or 100 pounds depending on what mode is selected.

Latest Bluetooth 4.0 Technology

Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale has built-in 4.0 Bluetooth technology, which enables you to connect immediately with a mobile app that you don’t need to install. Once you connect the scale to your phone, it automatically generates a graph from data collected with the scale each time you weigh your baby and logs it in the app if available.

This allows you to compare physiological analyses of your child’s growth patterns in relation to an international standard* (WHO Children’s Weight Growth Standards) if necessary. This way parents can check whether their child maintains an age-appropriate weight without fail whenever necessary so they can take relevant measures right away if required.

LCD high-definition display

Looking for a weight scale that can be conveniently used in your bedroom? This is the one you should get. With a bright backlit display and distinct numbers, this scale makes it easier to read from any distance, even if you are standing on another side of the room. It also has a very small footprint, so it won’t take up much space.

Multiple Uses

Not only for weighing your child but also for your pet. If you remove the two tray branches it will also work as a regular scale so you don’t need to worry about losing its functionality when your child grows up!

The comfortable and safe concave weighing platform

The rounding of the tray is ideal for infants and other people who might have a hard time sitting up straight due to having non-concave spinal curvatures. With this new design, your baby will be much more comfortable without risking accidents! All you have to do is check to see that the weight of the baby is enough for the scale to take into account. This product also swivels, so it’s a breeze to lock in place with your child inside. It feels very stable and would be perfect on any flat surface at home or out on the go!


The Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale is a highly popular scale for a number of reasons. The first of these is that it is very affordable compared to its competitors on the market. For example, the Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale is about $8 cheaper than the traditional Dr. Safety Digital Baby Scale, which is another popular choice for parents.

In addition to being more affordable than its competitors, the Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale is also very easy to use. It has an off switch for turning the music off, which can be very handy for parents who are trying to get their baby to sleep.

In addition, it features two different units of measurement, kg, and lb, which is often a major selling point for parents. We hope this article has provided you with all of the information you need to make a decision on whether or not you want to purchase the Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale.