Unicherry Baby Scale – Best baby scale 2022

This baby monitor might look fairly basic, but it’s actually super tech-forward. It connects via Bluetooth to an app that’s included with the purchase so you can track your baby’s development over time and make sure that everything is okay with your little one. Further, the weight range of this product is incredible: from 0.1 pounds up to 220 pounds!

Not only does this mean that you can weigh pets easily, but you should be able to use this monitor on your child for years and years without needing a replacement! Other features to note include an easy-to-read large LCD screen and quick weight measurement capability.


According to the instruction manual provided by the company you bought this scale from, it is said that when you’re measuring the weight of an infant or a petite animal (less than 44lb/20kg), then you will have to touch its feet to get a stable reading. While for larger creatures like ourselves who tip above 44lb/20kg with our bodies and minds, we simply need only tap the Hold button first, and then our body weight should register on its screen automatically.


The Baby Scales can be used by those who want to measure the weight of their baby. One can also use this scale for infant and child height measurement. Not only is the scale made for babies, but Unicherry Baby Scale can also be used to accurately measure pets of any size, like dogs or cats.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Innovative design.
Tray also includes a height measurement.
High accuracy rate.
[/i2pros][i2cons]Not sturdy enough.[/i2cons][/i2pc]


A digital baby scale is a great tool for day-to-day use, especially if you are evaluating the health of your growing infant by determining body weight and height. It is easy to operate on and off buttons. Once it’s on, the product will quickly weigh the baby up to 250 lbs and it has a TARE feature if needed. This device also has a pulse oximeter port and Heartbeat detector, two features that make it convenient to monitor kids even when they are asleep or in the middle of taking a bath!


There are two locks on this scale that swivel, allowing you to easily lock it and keep it in one position. Both the batteries and the tray can be locked which is helpful if you need to measure your baby or pet in a certain spot like the kitchen floor for example.


As a display that is easy enough on the eyes, this weight scale has a bright backlit screen so one can view their weight clearly regardless of the situation be it day or night.

Sensitive Touch Button

When weighing a baby or a small animal, gently restrain them – otherwise, the reading will not be fixed. Additionally, you wish to know that our smart scale automatically determines whether you are weighing yourself (44+ lb.) or your child (less than 44lb/20kg) and adjusts the weight settings accordingly!

Safe and Comfortable

The rounded curves of the tray are ergonomically designed with a built-in groove where your baby can rest their feet. It’s stable, with a convenient lock so your child doesn’t slip off while feeding and it even has dents to hold bottles in place or hook on suction cups if you decide you’d rather attach it elsewhere.

Free Growth Chart

A fun growth chart that’s part of a series involving cute, cartoon-inspired satellites to help kids see just how big space is. You can’t be everywhere at once and with this handy infographic by your side, you can keep track of all the places your little world traveler might want to go one day!

Suitable for Your Pets

Pets are a responsibility from day one and as they grow so do their nutritional requirements. It’s not always easy just to pick up something at the store you weren’t planning on getting when you get home from work, so that’s where scale comes in.

This way, owners will have a reference for the nutrients their pets eat for any given age and can measure their intake against how much they should be having if they’re not getting all of that nutrition through their regular diet, either because of allergies or maybe to prevent gaining too much weight.

Professional Customer Service

If within two months of your purchase you change your mind for any reason and decide to get a refund or if your product gets damaged by accident, you can return it at no further cost. If after 12 months the product stops functioning or becomes broken due to human error, you can send it in for repair once the problem has been identified and will be replaced.

We guarantee our products against defects in craftsmanship. Our full-service lifetime assistance policy covers all aspects of the life cycle of your product, from its development through to its eventual disposal. Customer satisfaction is high on our agenda – whatever problems anyone may have with our products, we will work hard to ensure they are properly solved quickly!

How To Use

1. Place the scale on a hard, flat surface that isn’t carpeted. The four legs of the tray should be quite sturdy and rigid enough to support your child.

2. Turn ON the display by pressing the ON/OFF button until the finished assembling of the tray with balance, and wait for the display to show 0 to show the baby’s weight correctly.

3. Using scales can be difficult when there are small vibrations involved, so please put your child down gently and wait a moment while they relax their body in order for the balance to stabilize itself before recording weight accurately according to readings from the display panel.

4. After each weighing, press the ON/OFF button to make the display shows 0 and then do the next weighing.


This baby scale is pretty neat, and we have to say that we love the features it has. The app that’s included with the purchase lets you track your child’s growth over a period of time, and it makes it easy to view their growth on an easy-to-read graph. We also like the big LCD screen, as it’s easy to read. If you’re interested in this baby scale, you can find it here.