Salter Baby Scale – Best baby scale 2022

Salter Baby Scale is the best way to figure out just how much the baby weighs. Weighing your baby can be a real struggle, especially when their clothes are full of flour from last night’s dinner or if they’re covered in mud from rolling around outside in the yard. Thankfully Salter has solved all those problems with a built-in hold function that will make sure you have only their body weight on your display.

When most people think of weighing scales, they picture big bulky items that only professionals can operate and need to be shipped in. However, this could not be further from the truth. As you well know, digital weighing scales have certainly come a long way since the first ones were invented and it’s never been easier to acquire accurate measurement data of your baby or even your pet. You can connect these little marvels to your laptop via the internet or with a USB cable for more storage capabilities, too!

Highly Accurate

What good is a scale if not trustworthy? A lot of factors can make it difficult to get an accurate reading, like the weight of your child or pet. This scale takes the guesswork out of things and provides a trustworthy measurement in no time at all!


The presence of a button, as well as the zero-and-hold functions, ensures that the weight of your baby or even your pet is always displayed on the screen no matter what they do. And since you’re bound to notice this display due to its 1.2-inch size, it’s especially useful when you have multiple pets and can thus find out which one is specifically causing problems at any given time!


We know that it takes a lot of hard work to keep these machines running smoothly and we appreciate your efforts and all the administrative support that allows you to get the job done. We hope this will be one less thing for you to worry about in terms of maintenance, because luckily, as a customer, you won’t have to do any of it! This thing is built like a tank and with its durable aluminum casing and extra-wide spike-resistant tires, it’ll take you through any terrain with ease.

Gift Box

A cute digital scale and a battery are included. Includes instructions. Digital Baby, Toddler, Pet Scale, and 5 – Year Limited Warranty

The Smart Baby Scale makes life easier for parents

Most parents have to weigh their children at least once a week. And if you have a newborn, you will be weighing them daily. It can be a tiring task if you have to take your baby off the bottle, put them on the scale, and hold them still. And with every passing day, they get heavier. If you have ever used one of those scales, you know that it is almost impossible to get a correct measurement.

After a few days or weeks, you will have to move the scale to a different location. The new Salter Baby Scale will solve each and every one of these problems. Using the Salter Baby Scale is as simple as taking your baby’s weight. You just have to put the baby on the platform and the scale will take a reading. It is that easy! The Salter Baby Scale will give you accurate measurements with no fuss.

Salter Baby Scale has been a great addition to our home

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, we visited the doctor and he recommended we purchase a baby scale to monitor her weight. We were very happy with our choice to buy the Salter Baby Scale to measure the weight of our baby. The Salter Baby Scale is a great product. The first thing we liked about the scale was that it was very easy to set up. We did not need to purchase additional items to set up the scale.

It was very easy to use and read. The Salter Baby Scale is very accurate and we were able to monitor the weight of our daughter very easily. We also like that the scale has both English and Metric measurement options. The unit can easily be moved around the house so we can monitor her weight throughout the day. The scale also has a memory option that we have used to store several different weights.

How to use Salter Baby Scale?

A baby scale is a weighing scale that is used to measure the weight of the baby. The Salter Baby Scale has a lot of advantages over standard baby scales. The Salter Baby Scale is quite fast and accurate in measuring the weight of the baby. The Salter Baby Scales have been designed to be used by parents for weighing their babies every day. The scale has a weighing capacity of 11 kilograms and can be used by a newborn baby.

The Salter Baby Scale is a very useful tool for measuring the weight of the baby. The Salter Baby Scale is designed to be used by the parents for weighing their babies every day. The scale has a weighing capacity of 11 kilograms and can be used by a newborn baby. The Salter Baby Scale is quite fast and accurate in measuring the weight of the baby.


​ A weighing machine that’s as smart as your baby! Have a digital display of your child’s weight on hand at all times. The Salter 44-pound baby scale is great for both babies and toddlers. Without having to remove the tray, you can convert it from a ​baby weighing scale​ to ​a toddler weighing scale by simply switching over its settings.

Even if your child moves around the tray, the hold function will keep the weight displayed; and, with the zero function that deducts 0.5 ounces for every diaper or article of clothing, you can be sure that an accurate reading is always given! “>Salter’s baby/toddler scale has a range of 44 pounds with 1/8th ounce increments; and no need to worry about power outages – when there is sufficient lighting or natural light in your room this baby scale turns itself on and off automatically preserving battery life! Plus Salter offers a five (5) year limited warranty for peace of mind.