MomMed Baby Scale – Best baby scale 2022

The Mommed digital scale can help you monitor the needs of your baby, whatever stage they are at in the growth cycle. One particularly important period to keep track of their progress is during the early years – when they could be vulnerable to illness that would set them back all throughout their childhood. Keeping up with their daily stats, like weight and length measurements will help you develop a more personal understanding of how to provide for your child’s needs – like food, vitamins, and clothing.


Mommed digital scale uses high-precision sensors(±10g) to provide accurate and stable readings. The pet scale’s measure range from 0.11lb-220lb (50g-100kg). This scale helps to ensure your baby is getting the right amount of food or provides a way to monitor your baby’s growth.


The Pets Scale is perfect for measuring any type of small animal. The height measurement provided inside of the scale tray, allows users to get a clear reading of their toddler’s or baby’s height for easy record-keeping as well. The Pets Scale is also very durable making it great for any pet owner who might be worried about breaking the meter in an accident since in most cases, these kinds can be quite delicate and delicate.

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Contains curved edges for fitting anywhere.
Large LCD screen with backlights for viewing in the dark.
Packed with AAA free batteries.
Functional buttons; tare and hold.[/i2pros][i2cons]The tray isn’t curved, may be inconvenient for the baby.[/i2cons][/i2pc]


Featuring an easy-to-read LCD display, this digital pet scale can measure in either pounds or ounces and allows you to switch between units. An easy-to-use on/off function makes it easier to take good measurements of your pets while they hold function helps you get a reading without moving your pet during the weighing process. In addition, this pet scale features safety overload protection with auto shut-off when the base is overloaded.


There are two swivel locks on the bottom of the baby tray, you can easily lock it with the scale, and we provide 2 free AAA batteries, just put them into your new digital weighing machine and start using the scale. This precise kitchen little helper from TOOJOO will bring you a different weighing experience.


Mommed digital scale is proud of the quality construction and precision design of our five-pound weight scale. Built with a smooth surface of tempered glass, and maintaining a sleek, modern look that fits into any kitchen or bathroom decor, this scale is designed to add beauty as well as functionality to your home. The easy-to-read LCD screen illuminates to help the numbers pop out against their black background for added legibility in dimly lit spaces.

Baby Tray

A dedicated baby or pet tray table that was thoughtfully designed for comfort and safety. Both the pet’s tray and the babies are concave so there are no worries about pets or babies slipping off from the sides, and each of them can be locked at an angle with a swivel lock very easily!

Perfect Craft

The rounded curve of our table-top scale is seamlessly matched with the body of the product, giving it a design that’s both sleek and minimalist in form.

What Mommed does differently from other digital scales

The biggest thing that Mommed does differently than other digital scales is the ability to store and track more than one person’s information. This is because Mommed scales are connected to each other and the cloud. It allows Mommed users to share the data stored on scales with anyone they want.

It also allows users to access their data anywhere they have internet connection, no matter which Mommed device they are using. Because Mommed scales are connected to the cloud, users are also able to sync their data to their favorite fitness apps like MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and Fitbit.

Customer Service

Mommed digital scale has a professional customer service team that is ready to provide support and assistance to our customers that need help with their orders. Their staff members will be more than happy to offer solutions to questions and issues you may have about buying a remote puppy scale, so when in doubt give them a call!

What makes this product unique?

Mommed Digital is strict about following the required standards to make sure that its products are of high quality so that you can be confident in your purchase knowing that Mommed cares about every customer and wants you desperately to feel satisfied.

How Mommed helps you meet your goals

Mommed digital scales are the perfect partner for your fitness goals. They can measure up to 400 pounds with an accuracy of 100 grams, and features a Tare function so you can measure ingredients without a bowl. With the help of these scales, you can get rid of paper and pen, as they calculate your daily food intake.

They are perfect for dieters, and they help to monitor your weight, BMI and body fat. If your weight is displayed on the screen, the scales can work as a reminder to not eat too much. They can be used as a serving bowl and as a food tray.

FAQ about the Mommed digital scale

We get a lot of questions about our digital scales. Here are the most frequently asked questions:

1. Are the Mommed digital scales accurate?

The Mommed digital scales are very accurate. The scales are manufactured in Germany and certified by the TüV. The scales are accurate to ±1 gram.

2. Do the Mommed digital scales show weight in kilograms or pounds?

The Mommed digital scales show weight in kilograms or pounds.

3. What kind of batteries do the Mommed digital scales require?

The Mommed digital scales require two AA batteries.

4. How long do the Mommed digital scales take to update?

The Mommed digital scales update in less than a second.

5. How big are the Mommed digital scales?

The Mommed digital scales are a bit larger than a shoebox.

6. What color are the Mommed digital scales?

The Mommed digital scales are white.

7. How does the Mommed digital scales compare to other scales?

The Mommed digital scales are the most accurate scales available.


MomMed is a high-quality pet clinic scale that can help you monitor your pet’s health. With this pet scale, you can better monitor how much weight your pet is gaining or losing, and if they are active throughout the day. Pet owners can also save money by monitoring how much food they are giving their pets.

Pet owners can also monitor how much weight their baby has gained or lost, and if they are drinking enough milk. Additionally, MomMed can be used to monitor the weight of adults and children alike. This scale is suitable for any family and can help you monitor your whole family’s health.